Thursday, April 10, 2014

IEEE 802 Standards List

List of the IEEE 802 Standards and Working Groups

IEEE 802.1     Higher Layer LAN Protocols Working Group dealing with Bridging (networking and Network Management. 
IEEE 802.2     Logical Link Control
IEEE 802.3     Ethernet Working Group
IEEE 802.4     Token Bus
IEEE 802.5    Token Ring MAC protocol definitions
IEEE 802.6    early  MANs (Dual queue dual bus)
IEEE 802.7     Broadband LAN using Coaxial Cable
IEEE 802.8     Fiber Optic TAG
IEEE 802.9     Integrated Services LAN (ISLAN or isochronous Ethernet)
IEEE 802.10   Inter-operable(vurtual) LANs and security
IEEE 802.11   Wireless LAN & Mesh (Wi-Fi certification) Group
        IEEE 802.11a 
        IEEE 802.11b
        IEEE 802.11g
        IEEE 802.11n
        IEEE 802.11ac
        IEEE 802.11ad
        IEEE 802.11af
        IEEE 802.11ai
        IEEE 802.11aj
        IEEE 802.11aq
        IEEE 802.11ax
    IEEE  802.12  Demand priority (HP's AnyLAN)100BaseVG
    IEEE 802.13   Fast Ethernet Development
    IEEE 802.14   Cable Modems
    IEEE 802.15   Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) Working Group
             IEEE 802.15.1     Bluetooth Certification
             IEEE 802.15.2     IEEE 802.15 and IEEE 802.11 coexistence
             IEEE 802.15.3     High-Rate Wireless PANs; eg: Ultra Wide Band(UWB),..
             IEEE 802.15.4     Low-Rate Wireless PANs; eg: Zigbee, WirelessHART, MiWi,..
             IEEE 802.15.5     Mesh networking for WPAN
             IEEE 802.15.6     Body Area Network (BAN)
    IEEE 802.16   Broadband Wireless Access (Wimax certification)
             IEEE 802.16.1 Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) 
    IEEE 802.17   Resilient Packet Ring
    IEEE 802.18   Radio Regulatory TAG
    IEEE 802.19   Wireless Coexistence Working Group     
    IEEE 802.20   Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
    IEEE 802.21   Media Independent Handoff Services Working Group
    IEEE 802.22  Wireless Regional Area Network
    IEEE 802.23  Emergency Services Working Group
    IEEE 802.24  Smart Grid TAG
    IEEE 802.25  Omni-Range Area Network