Friday, April 4, 2014

shortcut virus remover for USB (pen) drives

If you are facing the problem of all (or partially) files in your portable USB drive becoming shortcuts, then here is a one step solution for any TechLAYMANs.
Note: Don't click the shortcut file directly, before this solution.

solution 1:traditional solution
Step 1: Download this portable shortcut virus remover file.
             This is java file. So, it works on all operating systems
Step 2: Place this downloaded file in the effected USB drive.
Step 3: click on it to run, and then give Enter.

solution 2: Terminal based solution

Step1: press windows key+R, enter cmd, then enter. Then, Command prompt will open.
Step2: Initially find the effected removable drive alphabet (E or F or G,...).
            Then type E: (for Removable drive E),then give enter.....Now, you will go to that drive.
Step 3: type attrib -r -s -h *.* /s /d, followed by enter.
Step 4:  Then type del *.lnk
        Now the pen(usb) drive is ready to use.

WOW! the simplest process completely recovers your missing data. Have fun!!!

For any further doubts, mail me.