Thursday, December 18, 2014

Research areas to work in Wireless Communication

Here, i tried to present few current research sub-areas, for working in wireless communication.

5th Generation Gossips:

1. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
2. Filter Bank Multi-Carriers
3. Millimeter Wave
4. 3-D massive MIMO
5. Cognitive Radio & Dynamic Spectrum Access
6. Super Wide-band Spectrum
7. Smaller Cell & Ultra dense Het-Nets
8. Multiple Technology Carrier Aggregation
9. Adaptive/Dynamic/Hybrid Beam-forming 
10.OFDM- Spectrum Sculpting
11. Cooperative Relaying
12. D2D: Device to Device communication
13. WiGig

Research projects:
1. Autonomously Reconfigurable Communications Platform
2. TV White Space Mesh Network
3. Portable Early Crackdown Detection Systems
4. Pressure Sensors for sleep and bedsore Monitoring
5. Driving cost reduction using Mesh Networks
6. Cooperative Node to Communicate
7. what will 5G be?
8. Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication: Fundamentals with Applications to LTE
9. Predicting 5G: Performance Analysis of Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks
10. THz Imaging Program 
11. Ultra Low Power Program
12. Ultra High Data Rates

Note: The readers are requested to post as comment, any such trending research sub-areas.