Thursday, January 22, 2015

VANETs and ITS: Useful Links

VANETs      : Vehicular Area Networks
ITS              : Intelligent Transportation System

Online Resources for VANETS

Vehicular Networking Technologies lab, University of Trento

Vehicular Adhoc Networks blog1

Vehicular Adhoc Networks blog2
SpringerLink - Fulltext
NS2 使用說明手冊
simulation | SciVee
STRAW - STreet RAndom Waypoint - vehicular mobility model for network simulations (e.g., car networks)
NS2 for Wireless - NS - NetEmu 网络模拟器
NS2 Notebook: How to Use Matlab in NS2
Inter-Vehicular Network Technologies - New Jersey Institute of Technology
vanet search result -
NOW: Network On Wheels Repository - [gsd4ns2] Index of /gsd
ns-2 Simulation Code and Examples
Ad hoc networks using ns2 learning (video) [primary, secondary] - May 28 update - NS - Network simulation software - Best Forum
STRAW - STreet RAndom Waypoint - vehicular mobility model for network simulations (e.g., car networks)
D1.3.9-v1-Simulation and evaluation of realistic MEU ad-hoc communications in CARLINK scenarios by using VanetMobiSim/Ns-2 | SciVee
Mission & Objectives
Opnet 16.1, Eos Software
Linux - VOIP - Telephony - Vehicular Adhoc Network Simulation With NS2, SUMO, MOVE
VANET Project
SpringerLink - Fulltext
NS2 installation in windows 7 using cygwin
NCTUNS 4.0 Installation Help | My Thoughts
Vanet Simulation Matlab
SIMREAL technology Homepage
GrooveNet Vehicular Network Simulator :: University of Pennsylvania & Carnegie Mellon
Simulation |
Traffic and Network Simulation Environment — LCA SUMO-GUI - sumo Tutorials - sumo Tutorials/Quick Start - sumo
CiteULike: Group: VANET - library 16 articles
Install NCTUNS 6.0 in Fedora 12 | Ramblings of the Underground
Data Aggregation and Dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Download Details | OMNeT++ 4.2rc1 win32 (source + IDE + MINGW, zip)
JiST - Java in Simulation Time / SWANS - Scalable Wireless Ad hoc Network Simulator
Marc Greis' Tutorial for the UCB/LBNL/VINT Network Simulator "ns"
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, free PDF download
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking - Overview