Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to Install Linux?

 Linux Installation Procedure

On request from my readers, i am posting the linux installation procedures. You are free to choose anny one of these FIVE procedures.

Linux operating system is available in numerous flavors, such as Debian,
Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, etc.


I. Slick and go: You can install it on your hard disk and completely erase the current disk, which will wipe out your Windows install. This isn't recommended unless you are installing Linux on an older computer that isn't critical to your business. Or if you are really ready for a change and are into new and exciting things...

II. Dual-Boot: Another way is to install Linux alongside your current Windows install and then decide which one you want to use at bootup. This is a popular route because you can always go back to Windows if you need something. This is recommended because there will be growing pains when you start to use Linux. Linux can do anything that Windows can do, but it is not Windows. Once you get used to Linux, you'll never go back, but sometimes getting to that point is difficult. Dual-booting can ease the transition and give the new Linux user a safety net.

III. Boot from USB flash drive: Install Linux on a USB stick and eliminate the risk of hurting your current Windows setup. This USB stick acts as a hard disk. This is a nice option because it has all of the advantages to the Dual-Boot option, and you can carry your Linux distro with you whereever you go. Then any computer at work or home or your friend's house is your Linux box.

IV. New HD: Another "safe" way to get into Linux is to either buy a new harddrive, or grab a used one, and install Linux on the new HD. Take the old drive out, carefully store it somewhere safe, put the "new" drive in and install Linux. If at any point you want to go back to your Windows system, then just swap out drives. This is a nice way to go because it is safe, and it is easy.

V. Super Easy: Simply use the Wubi installer. check your system architecture (32/64 bit), and download Wubi.exe correspondingly. Installation is same as installing an application in windows. Just click next,next...ok. Restart the system, find options to choose between windows and linux. choose linux and play with it.